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Updated: December 13, 2022

Which is the best web hosting company in Belgium?

According to Datanyze, is the most popular web hosting provider in Belgium, with a 24.72% market share. This is impressive, considering that the runners up, Google and AWS, are targeted more towards enterprise-scale customers. Hetzner and Leaseweb are also popular alternatives, with just over 4% market share each.

Operating in over 150 countries, delivers 24/7 hosting support across multiple channels, while providing affordable and straightforward pricing Hosting packages. Their closest competitors, Hetzner and Leaseweb, also offer cloud, VPS, and dedicated servers for business customers at competitive rates.

How much should web hosting cost in Belgium?

Strictly looking at renewal prices, we’ve gathered and averaged the entry-level hosting plans from the top companies offering Belgian web hosting. Depending on the type of hosting you signup for, here’s a breakdown of what you should expect to pay for hosting:

-The average monthly price for Shared web hosting in Belgium is €20.
-The average monthly price for Basic Cloud web hosting in Belgium is €129.
-The average monthly price for VPS web hosting in Belgium is €157.
-The average monthly price for Reseller web hosting in Belgium is €23.

How to pick the right web hosting?

Customers looking to host their first website should start with Shared Web Hosting, it’s a comparatively low cost, easy to set up option, and is great for blogs or basic eCommerce stores. If you’re a total beginner, we’d suggest going with GoDaddy 24/7 human customer support.

For better performance and availability, it’s best to select a host with a data center closest to your audience. Amsterdam is considered a data center hub in Europe and geographically closest to Belgium. Many global hosting providers also operate facilities in the U.K.

As finding European-based hosting will be slightly more expensive, it’s even more important that you find high-quality hosting suitable for your needs. Read customer and online reviews to get a sense of how capable the support is and what you can expect from performance and uptime.

We’ve gathered the top web-hosting plans with data centers in the Belgium

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Hosting Type



Specialised Hosting Optimised or Tailored types of hosting that match specific use cases

CPU CPU (Cores)



Disk Storage Minimum Recommendations: Basic Business or Portfolio sites : 10GB or Less New Ecommerce Site: 20GB+

Disk Type SSD storage is much faster than its HDD equivalent and also more expensive. HDD Storage is a sufficient option for most basic websites.

Bandwidth/Visitors General Rule: 1 Visitor = 3Mb of Bandwidth Bandwidth is the amount of data uploaded/download to your server by your visitors. You should look for high bandwidth plans if you intend to have large file-sized images on your site or video & audio streaming.

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